Store will be closed until Sept 12th!

September 05, 2019

Store will be closed until Sept 12th!

Due to the amazing and overwhelming response to past weekend's trial run of the store hours, I need to keep the store closed so that I can focus on building cables for the orders that were received.

Prior to this trial run of store hours, I only let 6-10 orders through each day depending if it is a weekday or weekend. That means this past weekend would have netted approximately 30 maximum orders possible through the system. However...I received WAY more than that! In total, there were 84 orders submitted over the 3.5 days we were open. This equates to a total of 116 cables I need to build, test, and ship in a timely manner!

I apologize in advance to anyone that wanted to place an order this weekend, but I hope you can understand my reasoning for remaining closed.