Updated 2019 Store Schedule - The why and when!

October 22, 2019

Updated 2019 Store Schedule - The why and when!

Hey everyone! I am writing this blog to explain the updated store schedule and the general operational plan moving forward!

Back in August I made the decision to open the flood gates and leave the store open without order limits. I quickly learned that the demand was just too high and had to close the store. I received orders for over 100 cables in under 48 hours! There is no way for a one person shop to pump out over 100 cables in a timely manner, all while having a regular 9-5 day job! I learned that this process would not work and had to abandon it.

During the last 2 openings, I went live with a pre-determined total number of cables and closed the store (removed all inventory) immediately upon reaching that pre-determined number. The plan was to build the cores of 50 cables, which consists of cutting the 4 wires that make up the core and soldering those wires to the USB connector, ahead of the store opening. This would allow me to cut the build time in half, which leads to faster delivery of the cables to YOU...the customer.

The first time I tried this approach was very rocky and did not meet my expectations. This is primarily due to poor planning on my behalf, as I was still working on orders from the previous opening when I went live. Knowing that I was the root cause of the issue during the first attempt, I thought it giving it one more chance was warranted as long as I planned things a bit better. The latest attempt occurred on October 11th and I consider this attempt very successful! So much so, that I will be following this methodology moving forward!

What does this mean for you? Well...this means that I will only open the store (replenish the inventory ) once every two weeks. This schedule allows enough time to complete all 50 cables during the first week and time to prep the cable cores for the next opening the following week.

I have tried many different methods to find a good balance between taking orders and timely delivery, for which this method appears to work best for everyone. This one also allows me to have a break every other weekend, as I have not had one since I opened the store back in May/June!

Unless otherwise communicated, here is the upcoming store opening schedule throughout the rest of 2019:

  • October 25th @ 6pm ET
  • November 8th @ 6pm ET
  • November 22nd @ 6pm ET
  • December 6th @ 6pm ET
  • December 17th @ 5pm ET

I will communicate the schedule for 2020 at the beginning of the new year!

I also want to apologize (again) and send many thanks to the few groups that had extended shipping timeframes due to my operational experiments. While I know it wasn't ideal, it did help me understand the demand in much more detail and taught me a lot about what I cannot do in the future! 

Thank you all for continuing to place your trust in me and my cables! I will continue to deliver quality cables and have plans to introduce new options in the very near future! Hint: USB-C and Micro USB connectors are coming! <3


TL;DR - Store will only open every two weeks moving forward and will only have 50 cables available for purchase at that time. The store will close until the next scheduled opening once all 50 cables have sold.


-Thomas "spektrum"